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Hibiscus Monkey

Orange Velvet Spray

Orange Velvet Spray

5 Reviews
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5 Reviews
| 3 answered questions

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This new variant has the goodness of our original line of Velvet Sprays with the added feature of it not solidifying in cold temperatures. Spray away!

Velvet Spray is the ultimate body moisturizer! It is an in-shower moisturizer. Yes, Velvet Spray works by sealing in moisture in your skin while it is still wet in the shower, deeply hydrating your body. This highly absorbent non-comedogenic moisturizer reduces sun damage, improves skin elasticity, and prevents bacterial growth. It'll leave your skin deeply hydrated, healthy, and clean.  Spray it on post-rinsing, massage it in, and wash off excess with a light round of water.

Smells Like: Light and fresh orange aroma in shower only

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Seed) Oil, Orange, Grapeseed Oil, Cinnamon, Lavender, Bergamot Vitamin E, Lexgard Natural Contains Essential Oil

No Artificial Fragrances | Chemicals | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Mineral Oils

Winter Care: This variant of the Velvet Spray does not solidify under cold temperatures

BOOSTS SKIN REGENERATION : Sunflower Seed Oil & Grapeseed Oil are highly rich sources of Vitamin E and Linoleic acid

IMPROVES RADIANCY & SKIN CLARITY: Rich in Vitamin C, it boosts blood flow to the skin, bringing antioxidants and essential nutrients to the skin and giving it a natural glow

NON-COMEDOGENIC: Highly absorbent and hydrating without clogging your pores

REDUCES SUN DAMAGE: Strengthens the skin's natural barrier and helps prevent sun damage signs on the skin i.e. fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots

ANTI-BACTERIAL: It has anti-microbial properties to help prevent acne and to lighten blemishes over time

100% NATURAL: Free of synthetic chemicals, mineral oils, parabens, dyes, etc

📆 Use it daily in the shower.

🧼 Rinse off the soap and spray on Velvet Spray.

👋🏼 Massage the product into your skin. Broad strokes up and down the limbs, while circular motion as you massage it into your torso, chest, and abdomen area.

🚿 End with a quick light round of water - if you have dry skin, skip this.

🛁 Pat dry with your towel. No need for additional lotions or moisturizers

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Why You Will Love Me:

  • Winter Proof

    Does not solidify in colder temperatures

  • 100% Natural

    Contains no synthetic chemicals or fragrances

  • Skin Regeneration

    Rich in Vitamin E and Linoleic acid, it boosts skin cell renewal

  • Sensitive Skin Friendly

    Soothes skin conditions like keratosis pilaris while being non-comedogenic

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