No Paraben
No Sulfates
No Mineral oils
No Dyes
No Fragrances
No Synthetic Chemicals
No Silicones
No Drying Alcohols

Your face makes up only 5% of your skin...

The remaining 95% is on your body – your scalp, neck, elbows, underarms. But think about how much time, effort and money you spend on your face care, and how little you spend on your body care. Obsession with the face has made body an afterthought, but your own body cannot be an afterthought.

We are on a mission to become India’s most trusted body specialist brand. One that is powered by plants, 100% waterless formulations and India’s digital commerce revolution. It's time to put body centerstage.

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It is time to put body care center stage

We are India's first body specialist brand. Our plant powered formulations bring face-grade ingredients to provide targeted solutions to niche problem areas on the body. Whether it’s our anti hair fall scalp oil or the in-shower moisturizer, all of our products are 100% waterless, ensuring our ingredients remain potent and undiluted. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. And we are proudly made in India.

  • Waterless Formulations
  • 100% Natural & Clean
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly

A family affair

Meet the all-women co-founder team of Hibiscus Monkey. Inspired by our nani's way of life, we are a twin-daughter and mother trio. Mona (the mom) is a Chartered Accountant and a former corporate banker. Meanwhile the twin daughters, Naina and Roshni, are students at Harvard and MIT.

For us Hibiscus Monkey is a way of life and a dream come true. We welcome you to the HM Tribe. We cannot wait to meet you.