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Unapologetic Selfcare

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Nani Approved.

Our grandma says the solution to all our problems lies in nature, so why look at anything artificial? This has stayed with us and is the soul of Hibiscus Monkey. All our products are 100% natural, completely free of chemicals. From rice to mango to the gorgeous hibiscus flower, all are products are made from ingredients that grow in the soil. 

Just honest straightforward care.

"I now realize what your oil is doing: it's giving life back to my hair. I now have completely natural brown hair, which is soft to touch and has life. Hugs and kisses to your grandma!"

Maria Kazmi

"What do I say about this hair oil. This is my third set of bottles and I'm so in love with this oil. It has really helped with my hair growth. I mean my hair never grew for the longest time but this worked as magic. I feel so happy & glad that I came across your brand."

Disha Tiwari

"Hii I had ordered Comforter roll on for my period cramps, back pain, calf pain and it worked wonder, not just for me but even for my husband who is a pancreatic patient. He undergoes stent replacement every 3 months and has to take painkiller injections. The Comforter has helped him so much that his painkiller intake has reduced. I would be ordering more of this. Thank you so much."

Shweta Mathure

Have been using the Velvet Spray for almost a month now, apart from soft skin, it has also imporoved the color tone of my arms...Thank you for this amazing non toxic product. Also using HM Oil....got back to oiling after almost a year and there is a visible difference in hair fall and texture. You surely have a long term customer!!

Isha Agarwal

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