The 4 Fs To Attain Happiness

To cultivate a meaningful happy life these 4 Fs need to be in balance. Reflect on whether you are over-indexing on some, and under-indexing on others. And then work towards balance. 


Faith does not mean you have to be religious. It means you should be spiritual. Your should have something in your life that grounds you, a higher power that you can turn to.


Family matters. Build you relationships with your parents and siblings for they are the ones you should be able to turn to always. This also includes your extended family of cousins - don't forget them!


Do you catch yourself saying, "Oh we used to be really close but I haven't kept in touch!" Nurturing true friends is so hard, why lose them? Hold on to them. Be a part of their successes and celebrations.


Find meaning in your work. You'll feel so fulfilled if you work in the service of others. Whatever profession you may be in, think deeply about who you're serving and strive to make their lives better with your work everyday. 

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