How To Practice Affirmations Every Single Day

Affirmations are all about reprogramming the brain. Regular repetition of these affirmations encourages the brain to believe they are true. As you train your mind to believe something is actually true, your actions, mood and behavior will follow suit.

You have to support this process by taking active steps towards your goals too. ”You have to pair your affirmations with action” (Cleaveland Clinic). While it can feel unauthentic at first, you have to be patient, practice daily and eventually you will overcome self-sabotaging.

How to Write Your Affirmations

1. Write about something you want to come true

  •  Write the positive counter of a negative thought/reality.

2. Start with “I am” or “My”

  • Make a statement about yourself. You are the subject.

3. Do not bring in “I want” or “I need”

  •  Write affirmation as already having or being what you want.

4. Write in present tense, not future

  • Write as if already experiencing your desired outcome.

5. Make it concise

  • Keep it short, so you can recite it easily daily.

6. Add an emotion to the statement

  • Emotions add power to affirmations e.g. “I am thrilled...”

How to Recite Your Affirmations

1.Say your affirmations twice a day, once in the morning and another time right before going to bed

2.Attach your affirmation recitations to an activity you do daily like brushing your teeth to make it a habit

3.When you recite your affirmations, say them out loud and repeat the statements 5-10 times

4.Once you are done saying them, take three deep breaths and soak in the positivity

5.You must practice it daily and be patient


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