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Hibiscus Monkey

HM Love Hair Oil

HM Love Hair Oil

131 Reviews
| 34 answered questions
131 Reviews
| 34 answered questions

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Lightweight and non-greasy, made from a recipe passed down by our grandma, the HM Love Hair Oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. It nourishes the deepest layer of the hair shaft while stimulating circulation in the scalp to lead to healthier hair growth. Emits the natural aroma of its ingredients i.e. a mild sweet smell that does not linger on.

Winter Note: Because we strictly do not adulterate our products with mineral oils, your HM Love may solidfy in cold temperatures - it’s a sign of purity. Simply dunk your bottle in a bowl of hot water and it’ll melt in no time!

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis, Cocos Nucifera: Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Milk Oil

No Chemicals | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Mineral Oils | 100% Vegan

100% NATURAL & CHEMICAL FREE: We use the purest ingredients in their raw and natural form so that they remain potent and efficacious on the hair.

STRENGTHENS & SOFTENS: Rich in fatty acids, HM Love penetrates deep into the hair shaft, softening it and preventing hair breakage.

TRIGGERS HAIR GROWTH : Rich in Vitamin C, Hibiscus helps stimulate circulation. When massaged into the scalp, HM Love also removes build-up around hair follicles, leading to growth of healthier hair. This hair oil is for hair growth.

ANTI HAIR FALL: Regular use nourishes the hair and scalp, strengthens the hair strand from the root, which helps to reduce hair fall overtime.

ANTI-FRIZZ: Keeps hair smooth by preventing the hair strand from absorbing moisture in humid climates that causes hair to swell up and frizz. HM Love is lightweight and non-sticky

📆 You should oil your hair regularly at least twice a week.

⏰ You can leave HM Love on for an hour before shower on weekdays and overnight on weekends.

💁🏻‍♀️You must massage HM Love into your scalp because that stimulates blood circulation and apply the oil from roots to tips of your hair!

👋🏼 Do not use your palm when applying the oil on the scalp to prevent tugging & breakage. Instead dunk cotton pads into a bowl of the Oil & dab them on the scalp. Comb your hair before applying the oil or after washing and air drying it.

🍶Once in 3-4 weeks do a DIY hair mask with the HM Oil and simple kitchen ingredients. We have tons of recipes in our DIY highlights and IGTV

🚿Opt for sulfate free shampoos as they are gentler on the scalp

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Why You Will Love Me:

  • Real Flowers

    Made with real fresh flowers not extracts or essences

  • 100% Natural

    Contains no synthetic chemicals or mineral oils

  • Lightweight

    Extremely lightweight and non-sticky on the scalp

  • No Fragrances

    Emits a mild natural aroma of its ingredients that does not linger on

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