Shower massage

Why You Need To Massage The Body In Shower Ft. Velvet Spray

When you apply Hibiscus Monkey’s Velvet Spray into your skin post rinsing off the soap, don’t simply spray it on, but massage it into your skin with intent.

Self-massaging the body daily increases blood flow in the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite and scars.

It also promotes lymphatic drainage, removing body’s waste and flushing out toxins, energizing it and maintaining its balance.

Here are massage motions for different parts of your body in shower when applying the Velvet Spray:

ARMS & LEGS: Use long strokes with medium pressure on arms and legs and massage toward the direction of your heart. Use circular strokes on the elbows and the  knees.

ABDOMEN & CHEST: Massage the abdomen and chest in a clockwise circular motion with your palms along with an up-down stroke on the breast bone.

BACK & NECK: Spray on Velvet Spray on both your palms and then gently reach your back and neck without straining yourself and cover as much of your back as you can.

FEET & TOES: Wrap your palm around your feet and gently press up and down on the soles of your feet, also do a gentle pulling action on the big toe and your second big toe to drain the lymph.

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