Useless Friends

Why Useless Friends Are The Best Kinds Of Friends

Naina here! In my last semester of MBA at Harvard Business School, I took a an incredible class called Leadership & Happiness. One of my favorite classes was on friendship where our Professor Arthur Brooks enlightened us on the concept of "useless friendships"! Now don't get triggered by the word, the meaning is beautiful.

There are three levels of friendships - friendships of utility, friendships of pleasure, and useless friendships, the best kind. We shall explain why!

Friendships of utility are those where you and your friend derive mutual benefit from each other. This could be a business partnership, relationships with co-workers, business school connections. You expect to gain something out of them. 

Friendships of pleasures are based on fun derived from having a common area of interest like drinking, sports, or hobbies....these are not deep relationships and may end as soon as tastes and preferences change. 

Useless friendship is the most important kind of friendship. This one doesn't need a mutual benefit or a common area of interest to thrive. You are friends with them because they are good (virtuous). Both wish well to the other for the sake of the person. THIS is the perfect most beautiful kind of friendship. 


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