Shower Zen

A Ten Step Guide To Shower Zen

It is time to reclaim shower as a moment of mindfulness in our daily lives! Whether it is a 2 minute shower or a 10 minute one, showers allow us to just be with our thoughts as we actively cleanse, detox and take care of our bodies. 

Here is guide to convert your showers into a moment of wellbeing and mindfulness as inspired by the New York Times:

1. “Leave all your electronic devices on the other side of the bathroom door, far enough away so that you won’t hear them.”

2. ”Prepare your towel and other necessary items, treating them and yourself with the utmost care.”

3. “As you undress, silently name each article of clothing and hang or lay them down with deep attention.”

4. “Bring to your mind the idea that you are about to cleanse yourself for the good health of your body and mind.”

5. “Feel the water as it hits your body, and take a moment to be grateful that you have hot, running water.”

6. “Notice if your thoughts turn to dwelling on the past or planning for the future.”

7. “Wash your body in a different manner than usual. Change this pattern each time you shower.”

8. “The timing of your shower is not important. All of this can be done quickly or slowly, depending on how much time you have.”

9. “When you exit the shower, dry yourself.” 

10. "When finished, leave the bathroom in a neater condition than you found it so that it’s ready for the next person, especially if, that person is just you.”

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