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Why Our Velvet Spray Sunflower Orange is Your Skin's BFF this Winter?

As winter arrives, it wraps everything in a chilly embrace – but it seems to play a little rough with our skin. Imagine stepping out on a winter day, cheeks flushed with excitement, but, uh-oh, your skin feels as tight as a shrunken sweater. You don't want that!

Join us as we explore the winter dry-skin woes and reveal the power of our one-of-a-kind natural moisturizer that goes beyond mere hydration, promising to restore your skin's vitality in the winter's relentless dry spell.

Why did winter do us wrong?

Let's first grasp the basics – Why does our skin feel different in winter? 

In the winter, the combination of low humidity, cold air, and biting winds conspire to take away your skin's natural moisture. This conspiracy not only affects your facial skin but also extends to your hands, feet, and any other areas bravely exposed to the weather. As a result, your usual radiant and hydration take a back step and get dry skin. 

In such times, your skin's best friend is a trusty Moisturizer. It acts like a cozy blanket for your skin, keeping the moisture inescapable. Additionally, it protects your skin from the cold and lets it live happily glowing.

Get a best friend just like the Velvet Spray Sunflower Orange.

Stepping into a warm and cozy shower, water soothing your senses. And as you reach for one of your shower essentials, imagine getting a product that can make this simple routine into a pampering self-care session. Does this sound like a dream? Well, not anymore.

Introducing our Velvet Spray Sunflower Orange in-shower natural moisturizer. Unlike regular dry skin moisturizers, this one joins you in the shower, making your routine a relaxing and rejuvenating one. Now remember, this in-shower moisturizer solidifies in winter, and that is only because we use only natural ingredients - no mineral oils and other fluff! 

But what makes our Velvet Spray Sunflower Orange the best natural moisturizer for your dry skin?... It's the list of wholesome ingredients that works like a charm!! 

ORANGE - a superhero antioxidant that not only sparks collagen production to transform dry skin into a plumper look but also works wonders on calming acne-prone skin. 

SUNFLOWER OIL, with its high linoleic acid levels, mirrors the skin's natural sebum, acting as a natural moisturizer and becoming the guardian of your skin's barrier, ensuring moisture stays locked in and dry skin locked out.

GRAPESEED, a treasure of antioxidants and minerals, working hours to heal your blemishes and scars.

So, when you're wrapping yourself up in layers to ward off the cold, don't overlook the one that covers you – your skin! As you button up and zip your way with the flurry of scarves, coats, and gloves through the winter days, remember to give that crucial layer of yours, a little extra care with our in-shower natural moisturizer. It's not just about staying warm; it's about keeping your skin happily hydrated in this cuffing season!! 

Step away from dry skin and the stress of taking the extra mile for post-shower moisturizing rather than take care of your skin's well-being with its own BFF!

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