Men Need Hair Oil For Their Receding Hair Lines

Men, Listen Up. You Need To Start Owning Your Self Care.

Men and self care? Hmmmmmm. 

Men often forget to take care of themselves. While being there for everyone, men are found to be putting their own needs at the bottom. One such topic that Indian men are found to overlook is issues concerning hair fall. 

Did you know male-pattern baldness is a widespread issue, especially in India! Studies indicate  that in India, about 85% of adult males are estimated to be affected by pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness can now be noticed as early as age 21. The loss of hair at a young age may be caused by a combination of environmental and hereditary variables as well as lack of care!

There is still a lack of awareness among Indian men on the importance of hair oiling. Most of us think it is either a waste of time or too much effort, right? Well, let us tell you hair oiling has been proven to be beneficial in Ayurveda. 

 Well let’s talk about the many benefits hair oiling provides: 

  • Hair oiling protects you against the wear and tear your hair goes through everyday! Which can for some men cause the majority of hair fall. 
  • Hair oil for hair fall also contains fatty acids and vitamin E-rich oils that form a barrier to stop your strands from losing essential moisture. 
  • Using the right hair oil for hair fall can provide roots with appropriate nutrients making them strong right from the roots and keeping them nourished. 
  • Hair oils improve blood circulation in the scalp. This leads to a healthy blood flow that then provides oxygen to the follicles. 
  • The hair growth oil also helps to reduce inflammation, dryness, infections by keeping the scalp moisturized and healthy. 
  • Best hair oil for hair fall creates a healthy environment for the scalp that makes sure that there is less damage and breakage. 

Now that we have understood what the benefits of using hair oil for hair fall are, let us recommend a good oil for you. A 100% natural oil that people are raving about is  HM Love Hair Oil!

HM Love Hair Oil is 100% natural and has key ingredients like Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis that contains vitamins and fatty acids which help in blood circulation leading to hair growth and nutrient rich coconut milk  that strengthens hair shaft and prevents hair breakage. HM Love is free from parabens, sulfates, chemicals and mineral oils, as the best hair oil for hair fall should be.

For the best hair oil for hair fall, a key criteria is that it should be free of: Sulfates and parabens. These two can not only cause skin irritation and allergies but can also make your hair look dull. Hair styling done with heat, chemicals or gels can strip away the oils and nutrients that keep hair strong. Harsh shampoos and soaps that we use regularly can further strip away natural oils that protect our scalp this why you need a hair oil for hair fall.

All this damage can cause hair loss, split ends, lack of shine gradually leading to receding hairline. A hair oil for hair fall like HM Love is what you need after all this damage. It has vitamin C that supports hair growth and the richness of fatty acids prevents breakage and makes hair soft.  Being free from sulfates, mineral oils, parabens help the hair to breathe without chemicals and recover from the damage. 

We recommend using this best hair oil for hair fall twice a week to get the best results. Just comb your hair before applying the hair oil. Apply the hair oil for hair fall to the roots with fingertips and then massage for stimulating blood circulation. Leave that hair oil for 2 hours before shampooing. 

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