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Champi Isn’t Some Age-Old Belief. It is the Real Deal For Your Hair Care !

Remember the days when our nani used to forcefully make us sit in front of her for a nice long champi session? Pure nostalgia, right? Well it’s sad that for years those champi sessions got missed somewhere and so did the ritual of hair oiling. Very few of us know that Champi is not a random term used by our nanis, but is actually a potent and effective form of care for our scalp and hair. 

Hair oiling has been making a comeback and we are here for it. Because why not? Hair oiling has always been part of Indian culture, originating from Ayurveda. It has been around for more than 5000 years now! Old scriptures from Ayurveda tell us that hair oiling regularly has many benefits. It also mentions how an oiling head is not only good for hair, but also good for the scalp  and sense organs. 

We have always known hair oiling is good and should be incorporated  diligently, but with time we either started cross questioning it or thinking we are good without it, no? Well let’s talk about the many benefits hair oiling aka champi provides: 

  • Hair growth oils protect you against the wear and tear your hair goes through everyday! This includes dust, chemicals, and heat and other damages that our hair faces. 
  • Proteins present in the hair growth hair oil smoothens the cuticle scales preventing them from damaging which can make the hair look dull. This helps to make the hair shine!
  • Hair growth oil also makes hair shiny and smooth, depositing essential fatty acids to undo damage from the environment and heat. 
  • Hair growth hair oil  helps strengthen the hair from the roots. Using the right hair growth hair oil can provide roots with appropriate nutrients making them strong right from the roots and keeping them nourished. 
  • Some studies also suggest that good hair growth oil can reduce hair loss and promote growth. 
  • Not to mention, hair oil keeps the hair moisturized and hydrated for a long time. 
  • Hair growth oils like HM Love are rich in Vitamin C that stimulates blood circulation in the scalp which boosts the hair follicle leading to healthier hair growth. 
  • They also keep the hair smooth. It protects hair strands in a humid climate from absorbing  moisture and becoming frizzy. 

Now that we have looked at many benefits hair oiling provides we are not going to leave you just there all confused to search for that perfect hair growth oil. We won't keep you guessin, the most potent hair growth hair oil is HM Love Hair Oil!

HM Love Hair Growth Oil is made from a recipe passed down to us by our grandma. It is 100% natural and has key ingredients like Hibiscus Rosa- Sinensis that contains vitamins and fatty acids which help in blood circulation leading to hair growth and nurtrient rich coconut milk oil that strengthens hair shaft and prevents hair breakage. Did we mention that HM Love Hair Oil is free from parabens, sulfates, chemicals and mineral oils? 

What we love the most is that its lightweight and nongreasy formula doesn’t leave you with the chip chip feeling that we all unitedly hate. 

Lastly, we recommend using HM Love and Hair Oil twice a week to the roots with fingertips or and then massage or give yourself a nice champi for stimulating blood circulation. Leave that hair growth oil on hair for 2 hours before shampooing. 

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