Prevent Body Acne!

Moisturize In Shower To Prevent Body Acne!

Acne sucks. It's a common skin condition that can really bring down your self-confidence. While there are many factors that can cause acne, one of the most common culprits is dry skin. 

How does dry skin cause acne:

  1. Dry skin causes acne because it messes with your skin's natural balance.
  2. Your skin has sebaceous glands that produce sebum, an oil that helps keep your skin hydrated and protected. When your skin is too dry, those glands produce more oil to compensate.
  3. That excess oil can clog your pores and cause breakouts.
  4. Plus, when dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of dry skin, they can mix with oil and bacteria, creating a recipe for acne disaster.

How does moisturizing come in?

By keeping your skin hydrated and balanced, moisturizing can help prevent the overproduction of oil and reduce your chances of clogged pores and breakouts. 

The best way to moisturize your whole body daily?

One of the best ways is to do it in the shower. An in shower body moisturizer is the best way to moisturize your body in instantly. Showering can open up your pores, making it easier for the moisturizer to penetrate your skin and lock in moisture.

We launched Velvet Spray, our in shower body moisturizer, to make it easy for you to quickly moisturize your body effectively without the feeling of cold icky lotions post shower. The Velvet Spray is one of the best in shower moisturizer because it seals in moisture when your pores are unclogged in the shower.

What also makes it the best in shower moisturizer is that it develops a protective layer over your skin that not only keeps the moisture in the skin, but also nourishes your skin with vitamins and antioxidants.

This way it is able to moisturize the whole body instantly. The Velvet Spray our in shower body moisturizer is 100% natural, fragrance free and synthetic chemical free making it extremely effective for sensitive skin. 

The Velvet Spray in shower body moisturizer comes in 3 distinct variants that service different functional purposes for the skin:

The best in shower moisturizer for dry skin and KP-prone skin in the shower is Velvet Spray Bergamot. Made with soothing ingredients like bergamot and hydrating ingredients like patchouli, it effectively softens the appearance of bumps and dots on the skin associated with conditions like strawberry skin.

Velvet Spray Rosewood harnesses the potent qualities of rosewood and geranium to provide deep hydration and nourishment. Its astringent properties work to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing the skin's elasticity. By retaining moisture, it enhances the skin's texture and ensures well-moisturized skin, making it the best in shower moisturizer for aging skin.

Lastly, Velvet Spray Orange is an excellent choice for individuals with dry, acne-prone skin. What makes it the best in shower moisturizer for acne prone skin is that it is non-comedogenic and abundant in nutrients, it deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Packed with Vitamin E and Linoleic acid, it promotes skin cell regeneration and fortifies the skin's natural barrier against external aggressors. This in shower body moisturizer replenishes, restores, and heals the skin on a daily basis.

The Velvet Spray is truly the best in shower moisturizer in the market. It is quick and instant. Moisturizing your whole body has never been easier. We promise you once you start using an in shower body moisturizer, you wont be able to go back to lotions!

What is the best way to use Velvet Spray in shower body moisturizer? 

While in the shower, rinse off the soap, spray on Velvet Spray in shower body moisturizer and massage it into your body. End with a quick light round of water to wash off excess product. If your skin tends to be dry skip the last step. Next step out of the shower and pat dry! Voila you are done! You don’t need any lotions in addition to this in shower body moisturizer. 

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