Plant surfactant body wash for sensitive skin

Why You Must Opt For Plant Surfactants For Your Body Wash

Imagine you're strolling down the aisles of your favourite store, eyes scanning the shelves packed with colourful bottles of good body wash for women. Each one promises silky smooth skin and a luxurious lather. But as you reach for your go-to brand, you can't shake the nagging feeling of dryness and irritation that always seems to follow your shower. 


Anyways, you're about to make your usual selection, your friend's voice interrupts your thoughts: "Have you heard about plant-based body washes?” Suddenly, curiosity piques your interest. Could it be time to trade your tried-and-true favourite for something more... au naturel?


Let's figure it out..

What is problematic in your usual body wash? 

In your typical body wash, the issue often lies in the synthetic surfactants it contains. Surfactants are the ones responsible for creating all those epic bubbles and making sure your skin gets squeaky clean. But why is this a problem? 

Some of the common synthetic surfactants in your not so good body wash for women are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which are like the bullies of your skin. They can strip away your skin's barrier and the natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and irritated, causing the skin to overproduce oil in an attempt to compensate. Excess oil production can clog pores, leading to acne breakouts. With the compromised barrier function, it becomes easier for bacteria and other pathogens to penetrate the skin, increasing the risk of infections. 

Prolonged use of products containing these surfactants can even lead to irritation of eyes and increase skin sensitivity over time, making it more prone to itching and adverse reactions.

Also, they can cause irritation to the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract which can manifest as coughing, throat irritation, or difficulty breathing. Not to forget, the SLS can be easily absorbed into the body, building up in your internal organs, increasing the potential for long-term health problems.

That's problematic, right? 


How are plant-based surfactants any better? 

Plant-based surfactants are the eco-friendly superheroes present in a good body wash for women. Unlike synthetic surfactants like SLES and SLS, they're crafted from goodies like coconuts, corn and palm trees. This ensures that they  work in perfect harmony with your skin's pH balance. By safeguarding this acidic environment, they bolster the skin's protective barrier, known as the acid mantle. This shield is crucial in warding off harmful bacteria, environmental toxins, and other irritants This balanced cleansing approach ensures that your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and shielded from pH imbalances. So, the next time you reach for your body wash, keep an eye out for these gentle yet powerful plant-based ingredients: 

  • Sodium Coco-Sulfate: Derived from coconut oil, sodium coco-sulphate is known for its gentle cleansing properties. It effectively removes dirt and impurities from the skin without stripping away its natural oils, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Decyl Glucoside: This surfactant is derived from natural sugars found in corn or coconuts. Decyl glucoside is non-irritating and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers. It produces a mild lather and is suitable for all skin types.

  • Lauryl Glucoside: Derived from natural plant sources such as coconut or palm oil, Lauryl glucoside is gentle on the skin and produces a rich, creamy lather. It is often used in baby care products and formulations for sensitive skin.

  • Soap nuts: These nuts, derived from the Sapindus mukorossi tree, contain saponin which is a natural surfactant. They clean effectively, are gentle on the skin, and are obviously eco-friendly. 

A good body wash for women with these natural surfactants has proven to offer gentler cleansing than synthetic ones while being biodegradable and sustainably sourced. And guess what? They even come with bonus skincare benefits like moisturization and antioxidants, making them the ultimate champions for clean, happy skin!

Final thoughts

The next time you're browsing the body wash aisle, keep your eyes peeled for those plant-powered pals. Your skin will have a spa-like experience, and Mother Nature will give you a high-five for making an eco-friendly choice. 

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