Skincare for dry skin

Skincare for dry skin: Why is a Velvet Spray ideal for little ones.

Embarking on the skincare journey with the family's littlest members can be an enchanting experience – a blend of delight and untold benefits. But can we also make it fun? Imagine sharing a bottle of moisturizer with your munchkin, turning routine into a joyful habit. This shared experience is more than just skincare; it's a daily way to connect and cherish memories.

But there's more to it - what if it is not a normal moisturizer you are sharing? What if it's the ultimate in-shower natural moisturizer with all the benefits you and your little one's skin need? Yes, it  is the only moisturizer your kid will want and their skin will need!

And here's why…

For dry skin, moisturizer, as it says, keeps your skin moisturized and locks the hydration as much as possible, making it soft and supple. This is what the skin of our kids craves for, too. Ensuring that your child's skin retains moisture is imperative, making daily moisturizing a non-negotiable routine. 

Think of their skin as a superhero, always ready to protect them from the bad guys. But guess what? Sometimes, villains like dryness, dullness, and flaky skin try to sneak in. That's where the magic of HM's in-shower moisturizer as a skincare for dry skin comes in and prepares your kid for all the adventures ahead.  

Tailoring the choice of moisturizer to their needs is the initial step in achieving skin hydration. The dry skin of your little ones is the most troublesome. Recognizing what their skin wants is your responsibility, but letting you know the best moisturizer is ours.

Is velvet spray best for your little ones?

You decide.

Lots of moms love using our Velvet Spray for their little ones. Our range of in-shower Velvet Spray moisturizers is known for being really special – not only does it smell super nice and natural, but it's also made to be extra gentle for sensitive skin and make a great bond as skincare for dry skin. The cool thing is that it's made with 100% natural ingredients, showing how much we care about making it safe for your precious one's delicate skin. 

Velvet Spray Orange-Sunflower and Velvet Spray Bergamot are the most loved ones. The winter special Orange-Sunflower velvet spray has the goodness of orange and sunflower oil. Together, they form a dynamic duo as the best skincare for dry skin, helping in collagen production that leaves the skin of your little one looking plumper and more radiant. Whereas our Bergamot variant, packed with antioxidants, offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and reduces UV damage.

Make bath time a blast for your kiddo! Grab any of our Velvet Sprays and give them a proper massage while they're in the tub. Add some water with a quick shower round. Pat them dry, and now it's your turn!

Incorporating a shared moisturizer for both mommy and baby not only simplifies the skincare for dry skin, but also transforms a mundane task into a playful habit. And building the habit with you is not just about nourishing the skin but also about creating lasting moments of laughter, love, and care. 

Let's reinforce the beauty of your connection in every touch with Hibiscus Monkey.

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