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Daily Practices To Get Rid Of Strawberry Skin!

The term strawberry skin is often used to describe the small bumps that appear on skin. It can be also described as red or brown spots that appear like strawberry seeds hence the name! Now, let us tell you that strawberry skin is not a medical condition; instead it can be avoided all together if we take care of a few things. So, let’s look at 4 daily practices that if done correctly can help to avoid and get rid of strawberry skin legs. 

Strawberry Skin Treatment Point 1: Razors

We all use razors, don’t we? But do we all use razors the correct way? Ummmm not sure. Using the wrong razor with the wrong technique can cause strawberry skin legs. It's wise to remember the points below while using a razor next time:

  • Don’t use dull blades! Dull blades can cause cuts and irritation. It also leads to ingrown hair, which causes strawberry skin legs.
  • Don’t press too hard on the razors. Do small and short strokes. 
  • Do use a shaving cream or a gel. Using only water or soap can cause irritation and can make shaving difficult. This also causes skin dryness, which exacerbates strawberry skin legs.
  • Do keep rinsing the razor frequently while using it to remove excess gel or hair that collects on it. You don’t want to clog your hair follicles with dirt, which contributes to the dotted appearance of strawberry skin legs.
  • Do moisturize immediately once done with shaving. Using an in shower moisturizer like Velvet Spray can help lock in moisturizer. Moisturized skin is a key strawberry skin treatment.  

Strawberry Skin Treatment Point 2: Exfoliate 

We sure have heard this term a lot of times but there are few points to remember to do it correctly and enjoy its benefits rather than having to deal with strawberry skin legs. 

  • Do use a gentle exfoliator like Rice and Shine. This will not strip your skin of all the moisture instead it removes dead skin layers, impurities and excess oil. As it unclogs your pores, it smoothen the appearance of bumps from strawberry skin legs.
  • Do exfoliate while in the shower when the skin is still wet. Apply Rice and Shine and massage it over the body. Using it while still in the shower helps to prevent exfoliators from drying out skin and causing strawberry skin legs
  • Do moisturize ideally with Velvet Spray  after exfoliating to avoid skin irritation and provide deep hydration. 
  • Don’t exfoliate daily! You can exfoliate once or twice a week. 

Strawberry Skin Treatment Point 3: Waxing 

Waxing is a clear no no in our opinion. Apart from being extremely painful it is taxing on your skin. Waxing can cause folliculitis where in the hair follicles get swollen or inflamed. Other than that waxing can also lead to clogged pores. This is because the oil released by those pores is exposed to air and makes the bumps appear like a dark bumpy spot on your skin. All in all, waxing can cause skin irritation, inflammation and allergies. 

Strawberry Skin Treatment Point 4:Unscented products 

Did you know a single term ‘fragrance’ has around 3000 chemicals hidden under it! Scary, right? 

We at Hibiscus Monkey are a huge advocate of strictly avoiding synthetic fragrances and perfumes in body care.

  • Don’t use scented products as they irritate skin causing strawberry skin legs. 
  • Please watch out for ingredients like  “parfum”, “fragnance”, “aroma”, “perfume”on the back of the pack and simpy run when you see these products.

All our products at Hibiscus Monkey are free from synthetic fragrances do check them out here!

These are some small things to keep in mind while doing your self care routine next time to prevent strawberry skin legs. 

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