Say NO To Fragrances

Stop Sniffing Your Products And Run Away From Fragrance Ridden lotions

Other day I asked my friend what she looks at when she buys any skincare or makeup products. What she said was shocking but not surprising for me. “I smell them and buy the ones that have the most floral smell” she replied. Now, this was shocking but not surprising because many of us don’t know how harmful those fragrances are. 

There are hundreds of chemicals hidden under one term and that is ‘fragrance’!

That one term fragrance has a lot going on within it. So much that it has over 3,000 other ingredients under it. They are mostly made up of chemicals that are known to be carcinogens, respiratory toxicants, aquatic toxicants, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, reproductive toxicants and much more. This is why you need a natural moisturizer for dry skin. 

More harm than good…

With the addition of such synthetic chemicals just think how much harm it causes to your skin. Those fragrances can cause allergies when applied on your skin. This could be because of moisturizers, deodorants, sanitizers, after shave lotions to name a few. One can notice a burning sensation, rashes, redness, itchiness or even blistering on their skin. Not to mention those fragrances can also trigger existing skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema.  You need to avoid these chemicals and opt for a natural moisturizer for dry skin. 

Even after this if you are not convinced how harmful those artificial fragrances are then take a look at this report published by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. In this report they found out how vast numbers of these fragrance chemicals were responsible and linked to chronic health issues.  

An alternative for you… 

Now that we have seen the harmful side of the fragrances let’s explore what options we have. Instead of sniffing the products one should always look for natural moisturizer that is free from synthetic fragrances. A natural moisturizer for dry skin will avoid synthetic fragrances as well as other synthetic ingredients that react with the skin and linger on. 

One option is the beloved Hibiscus Monkey Velvet Spray range which is free from synthetic fragrances. It is a natural moisturizer which is free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils. Most importantly, Velvet Spray is a natural moisturizer for dry skin that is completely free from chemicals and artificial fragrances! Natural moisturizers like Velvet Spray helps to remove impurities and prevent blemishes. Being free from chemicals and synthetic fragrances, this natural moisturizer range is sensitive skin friendly. 

The Velvet Spray range is the best natural moisturizer alternative available right now. It simply emits the natural aroma of its natural ingredients in the shower. These aromas do not react with the skin and linger on.. 

Pro tip: Watch out for ingredients like “parfum”, “fragrance”, “aroma”, “perfume” on the back of the pack. If you see this, RUN! 

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