Razor Burns

Razor Burns

Razor bumps and razor burns are often confused with one another!

Simply put, razor bumps occur when the hair grows back into the follicle and becomes inflamed into tiny pimple like bumps. They are often times caused by dull razor blades that have accumulated bacteria overtime.

The best way to prevent razor bumps is to exfoliate regularly with Rice & Shine to keep area free from debris. Another pro tip is to apply a thin layer of Velvet Spray to soothe shaved skin after shower.

Razor burns on the other hand are dry, red, irritated and itchy patches of the skin where the skin meets the razor blade. Basically too much friction from using less shaving cream or too much applied pressure on the razor.

For immediate relief from razor burns apply a layer of Velvet Spray immediately and at bedtime apply another layer of Cloud to heal and repair the skin as you sleep.


1. Please use sufficient shaving creams. The fluffier the better so you can keep a barrier between the razor and your skin.

2. For immediate relief post a burn, while your skin is wet in the shower apply a layer of Velvet Spray. Gently spread it on the surface of the burn.

3. At night before bedtime slather on Cloud, the overnight repair mask, combination of mango kernel butter, grapeseed and clary sage will heal and repair the skin and prevent dryness, which would worsen the burn.

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