Dry Skin In The Shower!

Fight Your Dry Skin In The Shower!

Nothing ruins the zen of your body like dry itchy skin does! The rough scratchy feeling is unsettling and distracting.  Dry skin is a common concern for many individuals, but one can’t let it go unnoticed. Dry skin hampers the functioning of the skin barrier and it is important to tackle it daily.

In this blog, we uncover the secret behind why an in-shower moisturizer is the ultimate way to combat dryness and one of the best body moisturizers for dry skin that will help to achieve beautifully hydrated skin.

In-shower moisturizing is an effective and convenient way to hydrate and nourish your skin because of several reasons. Here are a few of them: 

  1. Enhanced absorption: Moisturizing in the shower maximizes product benefits by taking advantage of open pores and receptive skin. Using the best moisturizer for dry skin can help you open pores and enhance absorption. 
  2. Locking in moisture: Best moisturizers for dry skin create a protective barrier, trapping shower moisture and preventing evaporation. This enables in-shower moisturizers to create long-lasting hydration. 
  3. Time-saving convenience: Say bye bye to cold icky lotions post a warm shower! Instead, you instantly hydrate your body in the shower and when you step out you simply need to pat dry. 
  4. Long-lasting effects: Hydrating damp skin helps prevent moisture loss, keeping skin moisturized even after showering.

Talking about best moisturizers for dry skin, the Velvet Sprays are the ultimate in shower moisturizers, designed to seal in moisture when your skin is wet and pores are unclogged.  It is super effective for dry skin and hydrates the whole body instantly, making them the best moisturizers for dry skin. The Velvet Spray comes in three variants:

Velvet Spray Bergamot is the best body moisturizer for dry skin and KP prone skin. With soothing bergamot and hydrating ingredients like patchouli, it nourishes and improves skin appearance. It deeply moisturizes the skin while also reducing the appearance of bumps and dots on the skin that comes from conditions like KP and strawberry skin.

Velvet Spray Rosewood is the best body moisturizer for dry skin and skin aging needs, as it harnesses the power of rosewood to provide intense hydration and nourishment, while the astringent properties of geranium help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It revitalizes the skin's elasticity and retains moisture, resulting in improved texture and moisturized skin.

And lastly, we have the Velvet Spray Orange, it is the best moisturizer for dry skin and acne prone skin. It is non-comedogenic and extremely nutrient rich, enabling it to deeply moisturize the skin and nourish it too. Rich in Vitamin E and Linoleic acid, it boosts skin cell regeneration and strengthens the skin's natural barrier against external aggressors. Experience the best body moisturizer for dry skin that replenishes, restores and heals the skin daily.

What makes the Velvet Sprays the best body moisturizers for dry skin is that they are formulated without artificial fragrances, chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or mineral oils, ensuring a safe and natural approach to skincare. They are specifically designed to combat dryness and provide long-lasting moisture, making them the best body moisturizers for dry skin. With a unique blend of essential oils and nourishing ingredients, the Velvet Sprays in Orange, Bergamot, and Rosewood are the best moisturizers for dry skin. 


Say bye-bye to the chip-chip of lotions and hello to Velvet Showers! Experience the transformative effects of these Velvet Sprays which are the best body moisturizers for dry skin, leaving your skin hydrated, nourished, and at its best 🌺🐒
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