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Champi Ain’t No Fluff, It Is An Effective Treatment For Hair Fall!

Hair matters to us. It is an integral part of our identity and persona. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing your mane become dry, wear off over time, as hair fall thins it and weakens it. So, we need hair oil for dry hair and also hair oil for hair fall.  

In India the go-to-solution for hair fall has always been a good old grandma’s Champi. Now don’t be fooled, this seemingly innocent looking practice is actually one of the most effective ways to deal with hair fall. 

Champi involves massaging natural oil directly on the scalp by massaging critical chakras present in the head, face and shoulders. This massage releases the tension in these areas, reducing fatigue, and revitalizing the body and mind. 

Champi method of hair massaging has multiple benefits, including the prevention of hair fall, improvement of scalp health, and eventually hair growth. Massaging specific points in the scalp increases the blood flow stimulating dormant hair follicles resulting in growth of new hairs.

Scientific studies have suggested that the traditional grandmom’s Champi has other positive effects on the overall body as well. Regular Champi helps reduce headaches, blood pressure, comforts anxiety, depression and anger….the benefits are aplenty!

While traditionally youngsters have overlooked champi, it has made a rightful comeback as an effective treatment for dry hair and for hair fall.

While Champi is a powerful technique, its benefits are contingent upon the hair oil you use. The oil that you choose should target both dry hair and hair fall. The best hair oil will be potent, 100% natural and free of mineral oils to prevent any kind of build up around the hair follicles. Meet HM Love Hair and Scalp oil!  It is not only the best hair oil for hair fall, but also the best hair oil for dry hair. It is made of fresh hibiscus flowers and coconut milk oil.

Coconut milk has lauric acid which deeply moisturizes and comes with anti-inflammatory properties. Lauric acid ensures the scalp remains calm, free from itchiness and flakiness, which is a key task for a hair oil for dry hair. Meanwhile, it deeply nourishes the hair shaft, softening it from the core and ensuring your is moisturized. What makes HM Love the best hair oil for dry hair is that it is lightweight, enabling it to penetrate deeply into the hair. 

Meanwhile HM Love is raved about for being THE hair oil for hair fall, credit to its hero ingredient - fresh hibiscus rosa-sinensis flowers. The hibiscus flower has carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and B,  which help strengthen hair follicles, aid hair growth and prevent hair loss. The flavonoids and amino acids in the hibiscus improve the blood circulation and make the hair strong from the root, making it an effective hair oil for hair fall. 

The amino acids in hibiscus supply the necessary nutrients to dormant follicles and stimulate new hair growth. Meanwhile the amino acids also activate keratin production in the hair follicle cells and contribute to healthy hair growth, making HM Love an extremely potent hair oil for hair fall. The keratin then improves the thickness of individual hair. 

Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, HM Love Hair and Scalp Oil is able to work brilliantly as the hair oil for dry hair and the ideal hair oil for hair fall. Added to that the HM Love Hair and Scalp Oil is 100% natural, lightweight and non-greasy!

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