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Moisturize Your Body! Fight Dry Skin, Itchiness & Skin Conditions On Your Body.

The skin is our largest organ. 5% of it is on the face and the remaining 95% is on the rest of the body. Knowingly or unknowingly we all tend to focus more on the face which is actually 5% and ignore the massive 95%. The best balance would be to take care of the entire body in perfect fairness.

When it comes to moisturizing, most people ignore the body and just moisten the face alone and leave the body too high and dry. This is not right and is likely to lead to many health concerns. Today we will introduce you to what people consider the best natural moisturizer and the best natural moisturizer for dry skin in the Indian market. 

The first negative issue that emerges from not moisturizing your body is dryness. While skin dryness is common, if not taken care of, overtime, it damages the skin barrier leading to perpetually dehydrated skin, that has a flaky texture, premature fine lines and even discoloration. Gradually skin infections may emerge.

When skin is dry, one tends to scratch it a lot, weakening the skin barrier to a large extent. In due course, the skin can become prone to infection resulting in bacterial growth accompanied by inflammation. The solution for this is to incorporate Velvet Spray, one of the best natural moisturizer for dry skin.

Another condition called Eczema may also arise due to excessive dryness of skin. It is a kind of dermatitis associated with skin swelling. The dryness of the skin will severely affect the skin barrier, which is actually responsible for the skin to retain its moisture and protect it from other harmful elements. Velvet Spray, the best natural moisturizer for dry skin would help deal with this condition.

As they say, prevention is always better than cure, and hence to have the body health in check, it is imperative that we use a best natural moisturizer for our entire body. However, due to the climatic condition in India where the majority of the country is hot and humid for most months, it is a task to use a moisturizer. It is a cumbersome activity and the application of cold icky lotions leaves the body feeling greasy and chip-chip after a warm shower. Nevertheless, when we use a best natural moisturizer, moistening the body could become a normal activity. 

This is where Hibiscus Monkey’s Velvet Spray comes into play! It is a one-of-a-kind in-shower moisturizer, which many consider the best natural moisturizer that you could lay your hands on.  This is to be used directly on wet damp skin. It allows you to moisturize the entire body within seconds with so much ease! For all the lazy gals like us, there is no excuse now to not moisturize your whole body daily. When the skin is wet, it has better absorption capability and hence the body is moistened and relaxed well. 

The three types of Velvet Spray from Hibiscus Monkey are Bergamot Velvet Spray, Sunflower Orange Velvet Spray and Rosewood Velvet Spray. These sprays are some of the best natural moisturizer for dry skin. They are lightweight and non-greasy. They help in removing the dead skin, protecting it from UV rays damage and also in controlling bacterial growth.

They are the best natural moisturizers as they contain no synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances. Regular use of these sprays keeps the skin super hydrated and supple. The Velvet Sprays are ideal for sensitive skin and each variant comes with a hero ingredient that serves a functional purpose for the skin i.e. anti-acne, anti-aging and anti-strawberry skin.

There is no doubt this is one of the best natural moisturizer for dry skin and comes in handy year long, rain or shine.  You’ll know why we are obsessed with the Velvet Spray when you use it and you’ll be convinced there is no better natural moisturizer for dry skin!

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