Dry Cuticles

Dry Cuticles


Cuticle sits on top of the nail’s growth matrix – the part that allows the nail to grow. The growth matrix is very delicate and needs a healthy cuticle barrier to protect it.

Your nails are literally like little shields that act as the first line of defense for your body. Your cuticles actually protect these shields by preventing nail infection. If it is dry and cracked, dirt and bacteria enters the nail bed & the body.  In addition, a healthy well-nourished cuticle allows blood to circulate around the nail that aids nail growth.

Nailed It! is a power packed all in one nail and cuticle care. Here are some magical ingredients that make it what it is:

1.  Jojoba Oil: Contains rare fatty acids that heal and contain antioxidants; jojoba is quickly absorbed into the nail bed, repairing damaged collagen for growth.

2. Frankincense: Strong antimicrobial properties help it protect the cuticle from peeling and infection.

3. Myrrh: This rich ingredient deeply smoothens nails, preventing them from being dry, brittle and thing

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