You Soap / Body Wash Is The Cause Of Most Your Skin Issues

You Soap / Body Wash Is The Cause Of Most Your Skin Issues

Ever stepped out of the shower feeling more parched than when you stepped in? If your current body wash leaves your skin thirsting for moisture and lacking that fresh, revitalised feeling, it's definitely time to level up your skincare game. Picture a body wash that isn't just tough on harmful bacteria but also treats your skin like royalty—introducing Hibiscus Monkey Probiotics Body Wash with its groundbreaking 3Biotics Technology™.

What is 3Biotics Technology™?

Hibiscus Monkey Probiotics Body Wash harnesses the magic of 3Biotics Technology™, a game-changing blend that champions your skin's wellbeing:

Probiotics: Think of these as the superheroes for your skin! They restore and maintain your skin's natural balance, fortifying it against dryness, irritation, and the everyday challenges it faces. By boosting moisture retention and bolstering your skin's defences, probiotics ensure your skin stays strong and resilient.

Prebiotics: Imagine prebiotics as the nutrient-rich soil that nurtures probiotics, helping them thrive and flourish on your skin. They provide essential nourishment that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, creating an optimal environment for healthy and happy skin.

Postbiotics: Derived from probiotics, these are like the soothing healers your skin needs. Packed with enzymes, peptides, and organic acids, postbiotics calm inflammation, promote skin renewal, and amplify overall skin health. They play a pivotal role in maintaining harmony within your skin and boosting its natural rejuvenation process.

Why Opt for Hibiscus Monkey Probiotics Body Wash?

Restores and Protects:  Our Hibiscus Monkey body wash features a unique blend of soothing aloe vera, invigorating black pepper, and hydrating Himalayan apricot oil. This gentle formula cleanses effectively without stripping natural oils, preserving your skin's delicate balance. We strictly avoid SLS and SLES, ensuring each shower replenishes beneficial bacteria for vibrant, hydrated skin.

Hydrates Intensely: Packed with goodness of probiotics, prebiotics, aloevera, and Himalayan apricot oil, our body wash deeply nourishes, locking in moisture for irresistibly soft, silky-smooth skin after every shower.

Soothes Sensitivity: Whether you battle sensitive skin or occasional redness, our [100% plant based body wash is your calming companion.Free of synthetic fragrances, yet it offers delicious aromas that create a soothing shower experience.

Revitalises and Renews: Thanks to potent postbiotics, our formula stimulates skin cell turnover, unveiling a fresh, youthful radiance over time. It's like a gentle reset button for your skin, ensuring it always looks its best.

Naturally Freshens: By maintaining a balanced biome, our body wash naturally fights off unwanted body odours without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. It's freshness you can feel good about.

Prevents body acne: The 3 Biotics System™ promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria on the skin, helping to combat bad bacteria. This innovative approach calms redness and inflammation, effectively preventing acne flare-ups. As it contains black pepper oil which packed with antioxidants and has very strong anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm redness and inflammation

Gentle and Effective: Free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances, Hibiscus Monkey Probiotics Body Wash caters to all skin types. It's also a powerhouse cleanser that never compromises your skin's natural defences.


Infused with probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics through our exclusive 3Biotics Technology™, this formulation redefines skincare. It's a celebration of healthier, happier skin with every wash—a testament to the innovative strides of Hibiscus Monkey in skin care excellence.

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