Dark Underarms

Dark Underarms

Dark pigmented skin on the underarms is common, but some people find it embarrassing. Dark underarms are often exacerbated and made worse by daily care habits, such as:

1. Applying deodorants with aluminum clog up sweat ducts causing dryness & pigmentation

2. Using dull & abrasive razor blades cause inflammation & damage top layer of the skin

3. Wearing tight synthetic clothes that cause friction against the skin cause pigmentation

4. AND the accumulation of dead skin from lack of exfoliation

Here are FOUR daily maintenance tips to reduce pigmentation on the underarms:

1. Avoid antiperspirants that contain aluminum, as that clogs sweat ducts causing dryness and pigmentation.

2. Dryness darkens the underarm. Moisturize your underarms twice a day. The Vitamin E in Velvet Spray, our in shower moisturizer, helps lighten pigmented skin over time.

3. Exfoliate your underarms twice a week to remove accumulated dead skin. Do not use abrasive exfoliators that strip off the natural moisture; this further darkens the skin. Check out Rice & Shine, a gentle rice enzyme exfoliator.

4. Apply fresh aloe vera gel directly from the plant 2-3 times a week. Leave it on for 10 mins and wash off.

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