Common Hair Mistakes

Are You Making These Common Hair Mistakes?

Remember the age-old wisdom our nani and dadi's imparted about the magic of oiling for hair growth? We might have shrugged it off back then, but today, we wish we listened. 

Because looking at our comb, we can't help but second-guess our hair care routine, wondering if we've been doing it right all along. But fear not! This blog is here to decode the art of hair growth hair oil and identify the common blunders we should avoid when applying hair growth hair oil. 

Mistake No. 1  - Neglecting the Scalp: 

Focusing solely on the strands while ignoring the scalp is like watering a plant's leaves and forgetting the roots. The real action happens in the scalp, where it all begins, literally!

Hibiscus Monkey’s hair growth oil HM Love is enriched with scalp-loving nutrients that help kickstart blood circulation like a vitamin C-powered boost, nurturing the very foundation of your locks.

Mistake No. 2 -  Rough massages: 

Giving your scalp a rough massage is like trying to cuddle a cactus – it won't end well! Instead, treat your scalp like royalty with soft cotton pads, gently dabbing in with hair growth oil. When it's massage time, let your fingertips do the talking, ensuring a spa-like experience that your scalp will adore.

Mistake No. 3 - Not Detangling: 

Attempting to comb through oiled hair without detangling first is like attempting a tightrope walk without a safety net. It's a recipe for disaster! Please take a moment pre-champi to detangle; your scalp, in its relaxed post-oiling state, will thank you for your kindness.

Mistake No. 4 - Leaving hair growth hair oil for days

Ladies, remember hair growth hair oil is your friend, not a roommate. Your hair craves a quick catch-up, not a week-long staycation. 

HM Love hair growth oil knows this and is designed to be lighter than air, ensuring it does its magic and exits gracefully, without any party crashers like dirt and buildup.

Mistake No. 5 - Rushed Rinses

Washing off hair growth oil in a hurry is like speed-reading the climax of a thrilling novel – you're missing out on the best part! Take your time, let your hair soak in the goodness, and use a gentle shampoo. 

HM Love hair growth hair oil is packed with Coconut milk oil so that it leaves behind only nourishment and no nakhres.

Mistake No. 6 - Quantity over Quality:

If you think dripping in hair growth hair oil once every blue moon will provide six months' worth of nourishment, you cannot be more wrong! It's like pouring a gallon of water on a delicate flower and expecting it to bloom. 

HM Love's hair growth hair oil's lightweight formula ensures just the right amount of nourishment without weighing your hair down. 

So ladies, go make your nani and dadi proud today and introduce HM Love's hair growth oil to your routine today—no more oiling mistakes, just a crown full of healthy, vibrant locks. 

Because it's not just a hair growth oil; it's a tribute to the wisdom of our grandmothers, a testament to the enduring power of tradition. Here's to tradition and tresses :) 

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