HM Love Silk Pillowcase *Limited Edition New Launch*
HM Love Silk Pillowcase *Limited Edition New Launch*
HM Love Silk Pillowcase *Limited Edition New Launch*

HM Love Silk Pillowcase *Limited Edition New Launch*

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Ever wake up with a lion's mane? Wondered how bedhead comes about? Your traditional pillowcase roughs up the hair cuticle while causing friction with the hair when you toss and turn leading to frizzy, tangled, and breakage-prone hair. 

Hibiscus Monkey's HM Love Silk is made with 100% highest grade (6A) Mulberry Silk. It is made with 100% natural fiber and contains no dyes. Its smooth surface prevents tugging and pulling, while its non-absorbent surface helps maintain your hair's naturally producing oils, ensuring the moisture remains in your locks preventing dry and tired hair. 

HM Love Silk drastically upgrades not only your hair health, but also your skin!

  • MOISTURE RETENTION: Our Mulberry Silk, unlike cotton is less porous, so it doesn't absorb moisture from your hair like traditional pillow cases. Instead it keeps hydration in your locks and prevents dryness.
  • PREVENTS FRICTION DAMAGE: Unlike traditional fabrics, like cotton, HM Love Silk’s smooth surface leads to less friction with the hair, preventing tangles and breakage as you toss and turn at night.
  • ANTI-FRIZZ: HM Love Silk's smooth friction free surface does not rough up the hair cuticle to cause frizziness. 
  • PREVENTS SKIN CREASES: HM Love Silk is beneficial for the skin. It protects from sleep creases on the face, which lead to fine lines and wrinkles overtime. It also leaves your skin well hydrated and does not soak up moisture from your face.
  • COOLING: HM Love Silk's natural thermo-regulating properties keep you nice and cool. No more sweaty nights!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: HM Love Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

It is time to invest in healthier bedtime care of your hair and skin. 

Quantity: 1 Silk Pillowcase

Size: Standard, 20 inch x 27 inch